Big data and small data for smarter stakeholder management

November 3, 2017 in Analytics

How to engage effectively with stakeholders in the new communications environment is of critical importance to all organisations. While we all know why stakeholders matter to our success, how to approach stakeholder engagement in a way that delivers organisational value is less well understood.

Following the success of our first coaching session on smarter stakeholder engagement in Zurich this May, the EACD and Leidar hosted a second coaching day in Geneva on September 14.
During the coaching session, communications professionals from a variety of corporations, NGOs and government entities from Switzerland, Germany and France shared the experiences and challenges they face making sense of the stakeholder landscape to deliver their organisation’s message in a compelling way. Together with my colleague Lukasz Bochenek (managing director, Switzerland), we shared trends, data and cutting edge approaches to help them sense check their organisation’s current and desired stakeholder engagement.

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