This is where investing with us, would really pay!

You won’t find a PR textbook list of all the possible services on this site. We prefer to give you just a few examples of what we do and the situations we at The Murdoch Group are able to address.

    Have you recently reviewed the risks which could impact upon your reputation? We can build a contingency plan that takes into account your specific circumstances and design a management decision-making structure that will enable an optimal response should a risk materialize.
    Have you made the transition from a traditional communications and press office structure to one that operates within the new social marketing environment? We can guide you through the process and bring you up to speed with Web 2.0 tools and the opportunities they present.
    If you’ve had a problem with one of your products or services in the market place and the consumer organizations are making a fuss about it; we can advise and help you to implement a solid response and defence strategy that protects your brand and ensures business continuity.

These are just a few of the instances in which The Murdoch Group can support you to find cost-effective solutions to your communications concerns.